AAEON: Micro-ATX line leverages 6th gen Intel Core CPU for massive enhancements

AAEON leverages 6th gen Intel Core CPU technology in bringing massive enhancements to the IMBM-Q170A industrial motherboard, the first entry in the company’s Micro-ATX product line with the new chips. Powered by the S-variant of the processors, the new chips now grant the board support for more voluminous and advanced memory, namely the DDR4 memory, with the maximum capacity of 64 GB (divided among 4 RAM slots). The memory itself features faster transfer speeds while using less energy, thus reducing the overall power consumption of the system.

Likewise, the new processors brings native support for 4K media content and improved graphic controller, easing their rendering and processing efforts and making them more easily accessible. As such, the board is ideally utilized when applied as a digital signage application.

Besides the benefits of the processor, the board itself is also capable of supporting 14 USB ports, 10 of which are USB 3.0, thanks to the Micro-ATX form factor. In addition, the onboard Ethernet controller, the Intel I219, makes AMT (Active Management Technology) – a remote management technology by Intel - possible. Coupled with an optional TPM module, the board boasts high performance in applications such as ATMs and POSes.

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