PEAK-System with new CAN FD products at embedded world

PEAK-System, manufacturer of hardware and software for applications in the area of automotive and industrial communication, introduces new products at the embedded world 2016. Two highlights at once are presented at the exhibition stand: the handheld PCAN-Diag FD and the professional Windows software PCAN-Explorer 6.

The PCAN-Diag FD allows the diagnosis of CAN 2.0 and CAN FD messages of a CAN bus on physical and protocol level. The bus lines are analyzed using an oscilloscope function and further measurements for voltage and resistance. The analysis of the CAN communication is done with the display of the CAN and CAN FD messages, but also with busload measurement and a trace function for recording and playback of CAN traffic.

The PCAN-Explorer 6 appears in a new look and supports CAN FD. Moreover, pre-recorded CAN traces can now be played back one on one. So the monitoring, analysis, and simulation of CAN busses succeed more easily. In addition to these highlights, the two-channel PCAN-Router FD and the brand new CAN FD adapters, the two-channel plug-in card PCAN-PCI Express FD and the six-channel CAN bus station PCAN-USB X6, round off the exhibition of the company from Darmstadt, Germany.

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PEAK-System with new CAN FD products at embedded world

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