HCC brings verifiable TCP/IP, encryption, and reliable file systems to OSEK-based applications

HCC Embedded has extended its range of reliable storage and networking software to the OSEK real-time operating system used for automotive applications. Automotive developers can now easily upgrade networking, security, and flash file systems software to improve the safety, security, and reliability of their applications.

The growing use of Ethernet, USB, and flash in vehicle control, entertainment, and telematics has created a need for software solutions that are easy to use and meet the rigorous quality demands of vehicle manufacture. For automotive developers using OSEK, HCC provides drop-in solutions that meet flash fail-safety requirements and safeguard data when it is stored or transmitted. Using HCC’s verifiable network stacks, file systems, and security and encryption modules, developers gain secure connectivity for their automotive applications.

HCC’s networking solutions include TCP/IPv4 and IPv6 networking stacks, an embedded Encryption Manager, IPSec/IKE and TLS/SSL software modules, all developed with rigorous MISRA adherence. Security and encryption modules are also supplied with 100 percent source and object code coverage testing and full MC-DC analysis to deliver the highest level of reliability. HCC’s Encryption Manager supports both software- and hardware-accelerated encryption algorithms such as AES256/SHA256. An extensive range of USB CDC classes provides tight integration of networking with HCC’s high-performance network stacks.

For developers who need reliable storage, HCC offers a range of high-performance, fail-safe file systems and flash translation layer solutions. HCC storage solutions guarantee the integrity of data and file system and manage any type of flash media including NAND, NOR, and eMMC. HCC also provides simulation of flash storage to calculate endurance and life of flash, compensating for wear and other complexities of using flash.

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HCC brings verifiable TCP/IP, encryption, and reliable file systems to OSEK-based applications