HCC: Hercules IPv4/IPv6 stack with rigorous MISRA code-quality verification

HCC Embedded has released a full IPv4/IPv6 dual stack that is available for free evaluation download. The stack is designed with a focus on quality and data security and is available with a full MISRA-compliance code-quality report. When used in conjunction with TI’s Hercules automotive and industrial MCUs for functional safety applications, this stack provides engineers a high-performance networking solution that meets multiple quality and verification standards.

HCC’s IPv6 is part of a broad range of network solutions designed to ensure reliable and secure data communications. All components are developed using quality standards adopted from functional safety processes and are on a quality path to becoming fully verifiable. Network security is supported by high-quality IPSec and IKEv2 components that are also available with quality verification.

HCC’s networking solutions include a rigorously MISRA-compliant TCP/IPv4 and IPv6 networking stack, an embedded Encryption Manager, and IPSec/IKE and TLS/SSL software modules, all developed with rigorous MISRA adherence. Security and encryption modules are also supplied with 100 percent source-code and object-code coverage testing and full MC-DC analysis to deliver the highest levels of reliability. HCC’s Encryption Manager supports both software- and hardware-accelerated encryption algorithms such as AES256/SHA256. An extensive range of USB CDC classes provide tight integration of networking with HCC’s high-performance network stacks.

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