GrammaTech: CodeSonar 4.1 certified for use in developing safety-critical software

GrammaTech announced that CodeSonar, the company's static analysis software, has again been certified for use in the development of safety-critical software. SGS TÜV Saar GmbH deemed CodeSonar 4.1 certifiable according to the ISO 26262, IEC 61508, AND EN 50128 international standards, which define the functional safety of electronics within industrial applications, automotive systems, medical devices, and railway applications.

Functional safety standards are becoming more prevalent in international markets, as the use of software in mission-critical and safety-critical applications continues to grow and the need for better safety and security continues to be a pressing issue. Static analysis simplifies the enforcement of coding standards across development teams, improving the overall compliance for a required certification standard while also improving the quality of the code. CodeSonar in particular provides key features and integrations to encourage efficiency among teams.

CodeSonar currently supports compliance with MISRA C: 2004 and 2012, ISO 26262, DO 178B, DISA STIG, FDA, MITRE's CWE, NASA'S JPL rules, and U.S. CERT's Build Security In (BSI).

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GrammaTech: CodeSonar 4.1 certified for use in developing safety-critical software