AAEON: latest intelligent solutions for Industry 4.0 Automation

AAEON signed a contract with NACHI-FUJIKOSHI and other major manufacturers and founded “The Advanced Motion Control Team”.

Robotics technology is playing a key role in Industry 4.0 Automation manufacturing. AAEON’s Box PCs and Industrial Panel PCs were particularly designed for such applications. AAEON’s All-in-One products allow complicated instructions to be precisely executed. Features such as 7H tempered glass, a variety of interfaces integrated to the controller, flexible connectivity to sensors, extended operating temperature and robust mechanical design enable AAEON’s products to be widely utilized in the Industry 4.0 era. Customers have benefitted from AAEON’s wide array of solutions to best meet their demands.

However, the applications of industrial robots are limited to the manufacturing industry. In contrast, the service robots market has been gradually growing, as of late. Different from industrial robots, due to the technology of human-robot interaction, service robots can be deployed for various circumstances, such as disaster rescue, medical treatment, elderly care and hotel services. AAEON anticipates that service robots will have huge growth and estimated to achieve 40% growth or greater in the near future. Meanwhile, AAEON is pleased to introduce robust PCs including: ACP-1103, ACP-1104, BOXER-6403 and BOXER-6404M, that can be applied in both industrial and service robots. AAEON consistently strives to offer exciting innovative solutions for our customers.

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