TQ product innovations at electronica 2016

Completely in keeping with this year's electronica motto of "Connected Worlds - Safe and Secure," the TQ Group will be showing new and efficient embedded solutions at the fair. These solutions meet the growing challenges in the areas of security, high-resolution multi-touch HMI systems, IoT and Industry 4.0.

From the ARM area, the TQ Minimodules TQMa6ULx, based on the i.MX6UL processor from NXP, and TQMa7x, based on the i.MX7 processor from NXP, will be presented. Both have an integrated graphics controller and support applications with display and touchscreen requirements. The modules are very well suited for networks, industrial automation and applications for high-speed, reliable data processing with low energy consumption. In addition, a new module version of the already proven TQMa6x will be displayed. This version also supports the i.MX6 Plus CPU version from NXP. In the case of the i.MX Dual and Quad Plus CPUs, increased internal memory and graphics performance is to be expected.

The new TQMT1040 Power Architecture processor module is intended for developers looking for maximum performance in all areas combined with reliable data transmission and long-term availability. It uses the 64-bit T1040 Quad Core processor from NXP. This processor, with the integrated 8-port gigabit switch, offers even more Ethernet interfaces while retaining the smallest form factor as before. This is ideal, for example, for telecommunications applications in industry, in the area of (passenger) transport and for IoT solutions.

TQ will be presenting another highlight in the x86 area: A new x86 module based on the innovative technology features from Intel will be presented at electronica and will supplement the continuously growing x86 product portfolio from TQ.

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TQ product innovations at electronica 2016
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