acceed: switch cabinet for Industry 4.0

The new remote IO module series from Advanio for the top-hat rails is called Wolf. The new product series with the striking name Wolf consists of several analogue and digital IO modules for up to 16 channels within the smallest of spaces. Permissible surrounding temperatures from -25 to +70 °C, hot swap capability as well as a wide input voltage range from 10 to 60 V DC are only some of the features which demonstrate the superiority of implementation of the special requirements of Industry 4.0 by Advanio.

With a width of a mere 47 mm, the Wolf modules are extremely space-saving. Thus, the number of channels can be increased by a good 50% as opposed to common modules. Servicing and diagnosis is possible directly from the switch cabinet, using two switches and combined LED signals. Thus, when exchanging a module for example, correct operation can be tested immediately without the cumbersome connection of a laptop with diagnosis software. For fast configuration and parameterisation, the EEPROM from the old module can simply be inserted into the new module. You can hardly experience easier servicing of IO modules.

The Wolf modules are equipped with an independently working watchdog for fast recognition of unexpected errors. The watchdog can put the module in a safe condition and restore normal operation. A system watchdog monitors the remote host (control computer, PAC or PLC) The output modules have a safety feature which can set connected actors to a definable safe status in case of system errors.

As opposed to traditional analogue input modules which use one AD converter for all inputs, respectively two channels are grouped with an AD converter as a set for the Wolf series modules. Each group can be configured individually. Thus, a module can be used extremely flexibly for voltage transducers, current transformers and various thermal elements. The universal modules W-M1B103 and W-M1B104 have a dielectric strength up to 240 V. The others have an internal insulation voltage of the input channels of up to 240 V. Otherwise, the signal side is secured with up to 3 kV from the bus side.

In addition to analogue IO modules such as the W-M1B104 with 16 differential channels, thermal couplers, current transducers and voltage transformers are available. Digital input and output modules as well as relay modules and combined input/output modules round off the series. Converters and repeaters as an extension are already being planned.

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