Pentair: using easy drag and drop operation to obtain a graphic model

Pentair is launching the next generation configurator for designing Schroff Novastar electronics cabinets on its website. This state-of-the-art user interface allows for easy operation, features a real-time visualization and compatibility check and enables immediate CAD data generation and CAD data download in more than 30 native formats.

The configurator can be used in two ways. Users either select a preconfigured standard cabinet with the corresponding dimensions and cladding parts from the product line as the basis for a customized configuration or adjust it using the configurator. Alternatively, users can configure their own customized cabinet from the ground up starting with the rack selection and adding all of the desired additional components to the design. Brief text instructions in the configuration menu give the user specific operating instructions. Components selected in the green libraries such as rack, enclosure, assembly and accessory parts are moved to a configuration area on the right using the drag and drop feature. In this configuration area, all steps are displayed graphically as 2D models. The user sees the current status of the cabinet configuration and design at all times. Errors are eliminated in the configuration as a result of the real-time visualization and compatibility check; only appropriate parts can be assembled together. The current bill of materials can be displayed or hidden from view at any time.

Clicking on the green bar in the modification area provides the user with the option of choosing from approximately 20 unique cabinet colors using the drag and drop feature, adding customized cutouts in all configured cladding parts as well as positioning text fields for printing and defining text properties (font, font size, etc.). In addition to customized cutouts, predefined cutouts are also available in a library, such as for specific fans. The current state of the configuration can be viewed as a 3D model from all sides at any time and individual components can be displayed or hidden using the function menu.

Another very useful feature for users: The ability to generate 2D or 3D CAD data files for the cabinet model assembled directly in the configurator and the option to transfer the model directly into a CAD system. Over 30 native CAD formats as well as the usual exchange formats such as STEP or DXF are available here. Furthermore, creating a 3D PDF data sheet is also possible with a 3D preview of the configured cabinet including a bill of materials and separate 2D views for the cladding parts provided with cutouts. This PDF file also makes it possible to view the cabinet from all sides, to zoom in on the cabinet model and to display or hide the individual components.

The new Schroff Novastar configurator is the first of several next-generation website-based configurators.

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Pentair: using easy drag and drop operation to obtain a graphic model
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