TQ: robustness throughout the embedded product range

TQ's appearance at embedded world 2017 spotlights the robustness of TQ embedded products. TQ modules cover not only standard solutions but also special applications for harsh industrial environments. A well established and thought out industrial design ensures that the modules function reliably throughout their whole life-cycle. TQ's in-house production guarantees optimal manufacturing quality. TQ modules can even meet increased requirements, such as condensation or other aggressive environmental parameters, thanks to their conformal coating.

A further focus of TQ's exhibit is the massive extension of the x86 product portfolio with the latest Intel processors. Centre stage here is taken by new modules based on the internationally leading COM Express module standard and modular platforms.

TQ will also be taking the opportunity of embedded world to present new additions to all its product families:

Equipped with the Intel Atom E3900 "Apollo Lake" family, TQ will be presenting new modules in the COM Express Compact form factor. With the focus on reliability and robustness, the TQMxE39C1 provides up to 8 GB of soldered working memory with ECC support.

Based on the COM Express Basic form factor, TQ is extending the product portfolio in the higher performance segment. On the TQMx70EB, the latest Intel Core processors of the 7th, "Kaby Lake", generation are used. Applications in the medical, gaming and image processing / multimedia fields particularly benefit from this refresh of the "Skylake" family, presented in 2016.

For current products, such as the TQMa6x, TQMa6ULx, TQMa7x and TQMLS102xA, TQ will, in future, provide a Yocto meta layer. Yocto Project users can include the Metalayer made available by TQ to make it very easy to create boot loader and kernel binaries tailored to the TQ module in question. Based on the NXP LS1012A, TQ has developed a new concept for a minimodule. The TQMLS1012AL module, based on a 64-bit Cortex A53, is to be developed as a pure LGA (Land Grid Array) variant with a footprint of only 38x38 mm². In addition, TQ will present three new module concepts based on the i.MX8 CPU derivative.

The extremely powerful Power Architecture modules, TQMT1040 and TQMT1042, also ideally suited for harsh ambient conditions, afford the user full access to all signals and interfaces of the NXP T series processors used. A comprehensive Linux board support package under Yocto, together with fully detailed data on the STKT104X evaluation board, permit an immediate start on the hardware and software development for the desired application.

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