Kontron: picoITX motherboards with Intel Atom E39xx und Celeron N3350 CPUs

Kontron announced a new series of picoITX motherboards with Intel Atom E39xx und Celeron N3350 CPUs based on the new Intel Apollo Lake processor generation. The extremely efficient pITX-APL board delivers improved performance and extended functionality. Thanks to its compact dimensions of only 100 x 72 mm, its wide selection of interfaces and the ability to integrate customer-specific functions via standard Mini PCI Express extensions slots, the new Kontron boards are an ideal solution for industrial automation and medical applications. With its built-in SIM card socket, the motherboard is especially suitable for deployment in intelligent, distributed Internet of Things operations. Digital signage solutions and other innovative devices benefit from the newest Kontron pITX motherboard generation as well.

Developed specifically for industrial application, the Kontron pITX-APL embedded motherboard offers improved graphics and processing performance at a low consumption of only 6 to 12 W. Long-term availability, a distinct feature of all Kontron embedded solutions, makes the pITX-APL ideal in highly complex application scenarios with parallel operation of many devices. The pITX-APL includes one LVDS 24Bit Dual Channel and one Display Port 1.2 interface, a SO-DIMM DDR3L-1867 socket for up to 8GB memory, a half-size mPCIe slot and a microSD/ microSIM card combo. To protect applications and licenses, the new embedded board is equipped with a TPM 2.0 chip. It is available in two versions with an Intel Atom E39xx processor as well as Celeron N3350 CPU.

The new pITX-APL board is a part of the Kontron Security Solution Line. Applications are comfortably protected against unwanted access and make possible creating, managing, and tracking licenses. At the same time, priviliges can be assigned and access levels defined.

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