Kontron: new Embedded boards with 7th generation Intel processors

Kontron has introduced three new embedded motherboards in the mITX and FlexATX form factors. The Kontron mITX-KBL-H, Kontron mITX-KBL-S, and Kontron FlexATX-S-C236 are based on the 7th generation Intel Core, Intel Xeon and Celeron quad core processors, offering high performance in a very compact design. Thanks to their enormous performance reserves, the motherboards are suited for a wide range of demanding application scenarios including Point of Sale or Point of Information scenarios, medical technology, or industrial automation. Digital-signage solutions benefit from the boards' low energy consumption and high number of interfaces in particular. 

The mITX-KBL-S and the FlexATX-KBL-S feature high-performing socketed desktop CPUs. Both boards also come with the C236 premium chipset, designed for professional application. The mITX-KBL-H, on the other hand, is based on soldered, thermally optimized mobile CPUs with the Intel CM238 chipset. The mobile CPUs' lower power consumption makes the mITX-KBL-H an ideal fit for compact systems that offer high performance but only produce very little heat.

All three new Kontron motherboards are available with passive or active cooling solutions. They also come with a TPM 2.0 module for hardware-based protection of applications and licenses. All three offer long-term availability for all components - characteristic for all Kontron embedded products - a fact especially important in highly complex application scenarios with many devices in parallel operation.

The mITX-KBL-H, mITX-KBL-S, and FlexATX-KBL-S are part of the Kontron Security Solution Line, comfortably protecting applications from unwanted access and allowing license creation, management, and tracking. At the same time, it is possible to assign privileges and to define access levels. All established operating systems are supported, including Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Embedded Standard 7, and Linux.

Kontron mITX-KBL-H, mITX-KBL-S, and FlexATX-KBL-S are available now.

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