MemxPro: DRAM module and multi-terabyte SSD series at Embedded World 2017

MemxPro, a DRAM module and SSD solution provider for defense, industrial, in-vehicle, and enterprise markets, announces two major product launches at Embedded World 2017. One is a whole new series of DRAM modules, another is the 1TB~4TB 2.5” SSD 2.5” SSD GT series.  MemxPro’s booth number is Hall 2-407and we cordially welcome industrial experts to visit our booth.

The new series of MemxPro DRAM modules include UDIMM, SODIMM, ECC DIMM, RDIMM, ARM/RISC based Mini DIMM, and customized DIMMs with a variety of DDR generations, DIMM types, transmission frequencies, and densities. MemxPro’s Server/Workstation series are available in DDR3 and DDR4 options, including error-correcting code DIMM (ECC DIMM) and registered DIMM (RDIMM). ECC DIMM and RDIMM are designed for workstation or server applications requiring high reliability. Both of them support Error Correcting Code for detecting and correcting errors and their built-in thermal sensors help prevent systems from overheating to further ensure stability. In addition, MemxPro is also releasing high-quality and customizable ruggedized memory solutions with protective coatings for anti-shock & vibration, and industrial wide temperature, each tailored to the customers’ specific application needs.


For industrial applications when electrical components need to withstand harsh environments, conformal coatings are an option to add protection. To meet customer needs, MemxPro applies a special protective coating more than 60μ" thick on our DRAM module products.

There are three major benefits that MemxPro coated DRAM module products offer. Firstly, MemxPro special fluorescent coating material saves customers’ time and cost on quality control. Secondly, reliable and responsive service to high-mix low-volume customers shortens their off-the-shelf development time on IP rating and anti-vulcanization services, enabling cost-effective material management. Thirdly, enhanced endurance and operational sustainability over a prolonged time reduces maintenance costs.

MemxPro XRDIMM and RuggedDIMM are DDR3 and DDR4 expansion memory products designed to meet embedded system customization project requirements that work reliably in harsh shock and vibration environments. Enhanced ruggedness is achieved through the implementation of a pin-and-socket connector system and the use of mounting holes with screw attachments firmly holding the CPU board and memory module together. Their pin definitions closely follow the SODIMM pin definition, so that an SBC or COM originally designed with a SODIMM can be easily adapted to XRDIMM and RuggedDIMM operations.

All MemxPro DRAM modules series support -40 ~+85°C industrial wide operating temperatures for high reliability and superior performance under extremely cold and hot environments. MemxPro DRAM modules series are also available in standard and extended grade (-25 ~+85°C) temperatures. For the industrial and embedded markets, a thermal sensor is built-into MemxPro memory modules and the products are designed with industrial-grade materials and 30µ" gold finger thickness for better quality high-speed signals.

MemxPro also launches the 1TB~4TB 2.5” SSD – 2.5” SSD GT series at Embedded World 2017.  The product series is equipped with the MemxPro MP808 controller, combining eMMC MLC flash for standard grade, extended grade, and industrial grade temperatures.


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