Solid Sands: industry leaders form Embedded Tools Alliance

Today a number of industry leading companies in the embedded tools industry announce a new milestone in embedded system development - the Embedded Tools Alliance (ETA). The embedded developers' toolbox is complex and involves many components: integrated development environment, compilers, debuggers, trace tools, test tools, debug and flash programming hardware, target operating system, target middleware and training. Choosing the right components is enormously complex and prompts a huge number of questions, each of which takes time to answer, and also poses risk to the project's success.

The embedded marketplace is fragmented with a huge number of suppliers. Some large vertically integrated companies try to offer every component required. This approach stagnates innovation, provides limited choice, and doesn't allow customers to choose best-in-class solutions to address their project's specific needs.

The Embedded Tools Alliance helps customers select the best components from a number of different suppliers, safe in the knowledge that the individual components are of the highest quality, proven to work together, and do exactly what's required so the customer can concentrate on their development work rather than fighting with a disparate set of legacy tools and environments.

SOMNIUM Technologies, P&E Microcomputer Systems, Percepio, Runtime, Solid Sands, Beningo Embedded Group as members of the Embedded Tools Alliance support a wide range of embedded microcontrollers from multiple vendors. They offer proven products and solutions with validated quality and interoperability whilst offering leading edge features, benefits and support.

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