HCC Embedded adds HTTPS Client to TCP/IP networking stack

HCC Embedded has added HTTP Secure (HTTPS) Client to its high performance TCP/IP networking stack. As the Internet of Things continues to develop, the growth of embedded HTTP servers in devices that collect and exchange data runs the gamut from smart home, connected car, medical, and industrial control applications. HCC’s HTTPS uses HCC’s verifiable Transport Layer Security module to provide a highly flexible web-server solution for embedded systems that enables the creation of dynamic content within a highly secure environment.

HTTPS provides secure communication over computer networks, operating as a request-response protocol in the client/server model. The secure client may be a web browser, while an application hosting a website may be the secure server. HTTPS resources are identified and located on the network using Uniform Resource Identifiers. HCC’s TLS module ensures secure operation by encrypting the entire HTTPS message, including the header and the request/response content.

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HCC Embedded adds HTTPS Client to TCP/IP networking stack
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