TME: PIC18F MCUs from K40 series come with extensive set of peripherals

The new 8-bit PIC18F microcontrollers from K40 series manufactured by Microchip Technology have a wide range of applications. In some electronic devices, they can successfully replace more complex and having more computing power 32-bit microcontrollers with ARM architecture. The new family includes ten models equipped with 16-128kB FLASH memory. They are available in packages with 28 to 64 pins. These ICs are the first in PIC18 family in which a set of peripherals independent from the CPU core, known from PIC10, PIC12 and PIC16 families, has been implemented.

Peripherals independent from the core significantly increase application performance. They are designed in order to perform assigned tasks in hardware, without having to take up computing power of microcontroller’s core. Thanks to this fact, more power can be used by main program. It is also possible to put the core into sleep. Then the peripherals work independently in the “background”. On the one hand, power demand is lower, on the other hand, on condition of proper configuration, memory of the program is released and can be used to execute the main program loop. Individual peripherals (blocks) can be linked with one another. Thanks to this fact, data, logic states of inputs and analogue signals are shared and available with slight delay. Because of that it is possible to receive a predictable response of microcontroller to changes taking place in its environment.

Getting familiar with PIC18F family from K40 CIP series is easy thanks to the dedicated Curiosity HPC (High Pin Count) development kit – DM164136. It works with various Click expansion boards. What is more, full support in MPLAB X IDE environment, together with MCC (Microchip Code Configurator) overlay, significantly reduces application development time.

The new microcontroller family can be successfully used in numerous electronic devices. It is an interesting alternative for simple 32-bit microcontrollers with ARM architecture, widely used even in less demanding applications.

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