Artila: RIO-2010BM to connect sensor data to IBM Watson IoT

Artila Electronics releases the new FreeRTOS based, IBM Bluemix ready remote I/O module, RIO-2010BM, which is powered by a 32-bit NXP LPC1768 100MHz ARM Cortex M3 processor and equipped with 64KB SRAM 512KB Flash. The low-power ARM cortex M3 plus the high-efficient FreeRTOS make RIO-2010BM an ideal lightweight computing platform for device networking and remote monitoring. RIO-2010BM also provides alarm setting and local logic to trigger the on-board relay once the alarm event occurred.

RIO-2010BM is designed with FreeRTOS+lwIP (lightweight version of TCP/IP), which can automatically connect to Bluemix with verified instructions and push sensor data to cloud with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and MQTT Protocol. Applying on a Watson IoT platform, users can easily create a web-based application to monitor and analyze data. As for a more complex application, RIO-2010BM supports Node-RED, a powerful visual wiring tool for the Internet of Things which is easy to wire together events and devices for the Internet of Things. With it, customers can take their IoT innovation to market faster and create new business value.

The industrial I/O of RIO-2010BM features one 10/100 MHz Ethernet port, one full modem RS-232, one isolated RS-485, eight channels of relay, 16 photo-isolated digital inputs and 1-wire interface for temperature and humidity sensors.


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