Vector Software: VectorCAST/Analytics offers real-time access to actionable code quality metrics

Vector Software’s VectorCAST/Analytics contains new capabilities that enable users to quickly launch and customize dashboards to assess, manage and improve code quality

Vector Software announces new capabilities in VectorCAST/Analytics. VectorCAST/Analytics provides an intuitive, web-based dashboard of software code quality and testing completeness metrics, enabling users to immediately assess risk areas and prioritize test resources.

Available with enterprise versions of VectorCAST/C++ unit testing and VectorCAST/QA code coverage and system testing tools, VectorCAST/Analytics is activated through a “quick launch” menu option that displays an analytics dashboard in a browser window.  Project-wide metrics are shown in tables and heat maps, offering an initial quality assessment to identify high value activities to improving code quality.

Out of the box, VectorCAST/Analytics captures technical debt metrics including code complexity, testing completeness and comment density as well as test case quality metrics – number of tests, test failures, tests with requirements and requirements without tests. The dashboard can be fully customized based on an organization’s goals, and teams can create views to capture key metrics that are most relevant to them.