TQ makes it easy to develop industrial routers and gateways

TQ presents a new concept for a minimodule. The TQMLS1012A module, based on NXP Semiconductor's new 64 bit Cortex A53 QorIQ Layerscape processor family, is outstandingly suited for robust routers and gateways that are used in an industrial environment. This module is to be developed in a purely LGA version with a very small footprint of 31x31 mm².

In addition to a DDR3L RAM of up to 1 GB, up to 256 MB of Q-SPI NOR Flash are to be available to customers. The LGA technology implemented by TQ in this module provides customers with not only a cost advantage but also a very robust solution that is stable long-term. A power dissipation of 1-2 W, combined with the high-speed interfaces implemented in the CPU, promises a multiplicity of possible applications. Applications can be implemented which not only require low power consumption but also provide secure and speedy data communication.

With this TQ module, as well as 2-Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe 2.0, SATA3 and USB 3.0, the user has access to all signal pins of the CPU. This permits optimized utilization of CPU resources and thereby cost-effective application development. The mainboard design for the TQMLS1012A module enables sufficient high-speed interfaces for tomorrow's applications. Thus, a NAS/DAS Ethernet gateway or a Router can be created - including the built-in security features of the CPU, which also permit secure data storage. With this embedded module, TQ plans to extend the trail-blazing Layerscape CPU architecture. Customers will benefit from a high-performance platform at attractive conditions.

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