Pentair: easily configure front panels and generate 3D drawings

The newest 3D configurator from Pentair Schroff is now available. The state-of-the-art user interface retains the same look and feel as the Novastar configurator that was released at the end of 2016, and offers new features including a drag and drop function to easily configure front panels and generate 3D drawings. In addition, 3D CAD drawings, bills of materials, quotations, and graphics are generated in real time, make the configurator a valuable tool for design engineers.

Registration is not required for configuring front panels, but it is an option that enables users to save their work. Configuration can be started with a preconfigured front panel from the product catalog which can then be modified to meet specific requirements. Or the user can configure customized front panels starting with the choice of a front panel type—with handle, without handle or hinged. After entering the desired dimensions, the shape of the front panel (U profile or flat, with or without a side groove), the required EMC shielding and the kind of surface coating is specified. The front panel, once specified, can be dragged and dropped into the configuration area. This is also where other configuration steps are displayed graphically. Brief text instructions in the configuration menu give the user concise instructions for how to proceed. Next the user can select the desired fastening material, printing and colors, and size and position of customized or predefined cutouts. The configured front panel can be delivered fully assembled or as individual parts.

Real-time validation ensures the front panel can be manufactured. As the front panel is configured, a 3D model is created and can be viewed at any time. The bill of materials is created automatically and can be displayed or hidden. If a part is deleted from the bill of materials, it also disappears from the model in the configuration area and vice versa. If the front panel is completely configured, the 2D or 3D CAD data can be generated by the configurator and uploaded into a CAD system. It is also possible to create a 3D PDF data sheet that includes graphics and the bill of materials.

If the user registered before configuring the front panel, the configuration is saved in the user profile and can be reused. The configuration is stored and automatically transferred to the online shopping cart at using the "Create CAD and complete configuration" menu item. For all standard parts, the front panel is sent out after three days.

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Pentair: easily configure front panels and generate 3D drawings

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