Logic-Technology: Cortex-M and Eclipse/GNU Training Course

Learn the skills you need to be a professional embedded developer with this 3-day hands-on training course in ARM Cortex-M development. This training will learn you everything worth knowing about the Cortex-M cores and the GNU compiler and debugger tool chain. You will also learn the ins- and outs- of the ECLIPSE IDE, and how to use it for advanced Cortex-M development and debugging.

This training course is designed to give you a detailed understanding of the Cortex-M device architecture and the ARM-backed CMSIS standards along with detailed training on how to use Eclipse/GNU-based tools to develop with ARM Cortex devices.

This course is for embedded developers planning to use Cortex-M and GNU ECLIPSE tools and who are migrating from another architecture or who want to take the next step and become experts in their field. You do not need any previous experience in ARM cores, the GNU tools or the ECLIPSE IDE. But we do assume you know how to program in C and have some embedded systems development experience.

The course gives you hands-on experience with the subject matter. This is how engineers learn. Each course module combines lecture and try-it-yourself exercises. We want you to come away from this course with the knowledge and experience to successfully develop a project with any ARM Cortex-M device. Each participant will need to bring a laptop. Necessary development software, documentation and target hardware is included in the course material. The training course is developed and delivered by experienced engineers.

The course will take place 13.-15.9.2017 in Eindhoven (Netherlands) and 18.-20.9.2017 in Munich (Germany).

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