Green Hills announces Platform for Secure Connected Car

Green Hills Software has unveiled its Platform for Secure Connected Car, featuring the industry’s most comprehensive solution for vehicle and smart city manufacturers building vehicle-to-anything and European car-to-anything On-Board Units and intelligent transportation infrastructure. This Platform enables a clear path for OEMs and Tier 1s to immediately address the range of challenges to design, develop and deploy the most secure and efficient V2V solutions for the next generation of vehicle awareness as outlined in the US Department of Transportation New Proposed Rule Making, Docket number NHTSA-2016-0126. The Green Hills Platform for Secure Connected Car is the first and only platform of its kind to incorporate security, safety and device management in one platform.

The connected car represents the next stage in the evolution of motor vehicle safety beyond what current vehicle-resident technologies like in-vehicle cameras and sensors can provide by employing omnidirectional radio signals that provide 360-degree coverage and the ability to “see” around corners and “see” through other vehicles. For the first time, unfamiliar vehicles and roadside units on untrusted public networks will be able to communicate with a vehicle’s OBU – with no human involvement – and influence life-critical decisions and vehicle actions. Whereas functionality, performance and safety have been the traditional foundation for automotive software, the connected car also demands authentication, identification and separation of critical software components running in a routinely insecure environment for the operational lifespan of the vehicle.

Green Hills Software, INTEGRITY Security Services and its strategic partners Autotalks and Commsignia have developed an unmatched portfolio of integrated V2X capabilities to help speed the design innovation for the next generation of connected vehicles globally. The first instantiation of the Platform highlights partners Autotalks and their secure V2X automotive SoC and Commsignia for its complete V2X stack, extensive standards-based applications and Commsignia IEEE 1609.2 security.

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Green Hills announces Platform for Secure Connected Car

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