Kontron: rugged Ethernet switch and Ethernet switch core modules with PTP support

Kontron has released a new high-end Rugged Ethernet Switch (RES) in a 19-inch 1U housing and two cutting-edge, fully managed Ethernet Switch Core Modules (ESC). The RES2404-PTP switch as well as the ESC1600-PTP and ESC2404-PTP modules expand Kontron's portfolio of rugged switching devices for harsh environmental conditions with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) enabled solutions. The PTP protocol for the precise synchronization of clocks throughout a computer network in accordance with the IEE 1588 standard is especially important for decentralized systems in automation technology. Control units in power distribution facilities, motion control systems, but also metrology devices that need to relay precise values over long distances, rely heavily on PTP.

The Kontron RES2404 is a cost effective, fully managed 19-inch 1U ethernet switch for industrial and military applications. The RES2404 can be monitored remotely via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), command line or web interface. The L2/L3 switch with IPv6 support is available in two versions. The RES2404-PTP features 24 Gigabit Ethernet and four 10 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, the RES2404-PTP-POE comes with additional 24 Power-over-Ethernet ports with up to 150 watts in total, with a 30 W maximum per single port. Thanks to its extremely robust mechanical design features it is suitable for use in production facilities, naval and military applications alike. The RES2404 is highly resistant to shocks and vibrations, and suitable for use in a wide temperature range from -20 to +50°C.

The ESC1600-PTP and ESC2404-PTP L2/L3 1/10GB Ethernet Switch Core modules by Kontron form an ideal basis for robust high-performance Ethernet switching devices. Thanks to their scalable number of interfaces, both boards provide a rich and versatile feature set on a custom base board design. This helps reduce development cost and enables fast lead times for customer specific devices. Both modules support the IEE1588v2 PTP standard for time-sensitive applications. This is especially important for automation, metrology and security purposes as well as specific use-cases in the automotive and defense industry. The Kontron ESC1600-PTP and ESC2404-PTP feature up to four 10GbE and 24 1GbE ports, with the option of up to 32 1GbE ports on special request. Both modules are extremely rugged, with high tolerance against shocks and vibrations, and are fully operational even in temperature ranges from -40 to +80°C. Remote management is supported via SNMP, command line and web interface.

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