AAEON: compact and high-performing Kabylake family products

AAEON launches the Kabylake family of products, offering a complete range of solutions in these small but high-performing and easily integrated boards. Powered by the latest Intel 7th Gen Core, AAEON’s KabyLake Family comes in 4 different product lines: COM Express, PICO, GENE, and EPIC.

The COM-KBHB6 and EPIC-KBS6 are outfitted with the powerful Intel XEON processors, enhancing performance and as well as the efficiency factor by 20%. They are built for industrial-grade wattage, whilst the PICO-KBU and NANOCOM-KBU are miniature boards geared towards data integrity and optimization, which are ideal for systems with minimal space. The GENE and EPIC boards feature a wider range of connectivity than is usually seen on the market and provides a more than generous offering of I/O ports, ensuring the highest possible level of flexibility and connectivity.

With its guarantee of high performance, small form factor and I/O-packed platform, AAEON’s Kabylake family is ideal for applications in ATM machines, factory automation control, IoT gateway systems, fintech and transportation. Each board features backward compatible with 6th Gen CPU, fulfilling the demands of the current and future operation systems in factory automation and management.

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