Rutronik presents sensor MLX75023 and chip MLX75123 from Melexis

MLX75023 Time-of-Flight (TOF) sensor together with MLX75123 companion chip provides a complete TOF solution. The MLX75023 supports up to QVGA resolution with unpaired sunlight rejection. The chipset offers performance, flexibility, simplifies the design and allows a very compact 3D camera. The MLX75123 TOF companion chip and the MLX75023 TOF optical sensor array chipset, has been designed to facilitate the design and minimize component count of a TOF camera aiming for sunlight robustness and operation over a broad temperature range.The sensor features 320 x 240 (QVGA) pixels based on DepthSense technology.

This unique design allows up to 120 klux background light rejection in typical application conditions. The TOF Chipset provides integrated light source control and thanks to its high-speed output, which enables a peak rate of 600 raw frames per second, it can be used to track for fast moving objects. Features include up to 40MHz modulation frequency, 12-bit parallel camera interface up to 80Mpix/s, up to 120 klux background light robustness and extended diagnostics.

The MLX75123 controls the MLX75023 TOF sensor, the illumination unit and streams data to the host processor. Its built-in high-speed ADCs convert the analog sensor data and support system features like region-of-interest, configurable timings, statistics & diagnostics, and programmable modulation. Operating temperature ranges between -20 and +85°C and -40 and +105°C. The TOF sensor is available in a small glass BGA form factor while the TOF companion chip comes in a compact 7x7mm² ELP package.

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