Corelis introduces version 8.5 of its boundary-scan tool suite

Corelis announced the availability of version 8.5 of its ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite. The new software update features support for continuous logging of sampled data to file in ScanExpress Debugger, multiple user interface enhancements for the ScanExpress Viewer fault identification system, improved MSP430 & NANDrive device support, two new processor support packages for ScanExpress JET, plus numerous improvements spanning the complete suite of ScanExpress software applications.

ScanExpress Debugger can now continuously log sampled data to a file, allowing data sets to be recorded and stored for further analysis. For example, a set of boundary-scan pins can be sampled over time and the data can be imported into a data analysis application or waveform viewer.

The tool suite supports programming Linear Technology Power System Management (PSM) devices in ScanExpress Runner and ScanExpress Programmer (JTAG) using data files created by Linear Technology LTPowerPlay software. As a new feature, the BSL section of MSP430F5xx devices can be erased, allowing custom bootloaders to be programmed using ScanExpress software and Corelis JTAG controller.

Additional features include support for IEEE-1149.1-2013 BSDL files in ScanExpress TPG and new ScanExpress JET CPU packages for Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC family devices and NXP QorIQ P2040 CPUs.

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