Acromag partners with ECRIN to offer extremely small mission computer

Acromag announces the integration of their AcroPack I/O product line into the µONYX SFF Computer from ECRIN Systems. ECRIN Systems is a valued distributor of Acromag Embedded Solutions and has steadily expanded their capabilities to include the design and manufacture of their own small form factor computer solutions.

Inside the µONYX is one AcroPack I/O expansion slot that provides the unit with enhanced capability without the need for interface cables or secondary module. Any of the over 20 AcroPack modules can be easily installed into the unit providing -40 to 85°C operation and less than 5 Watts per module power consumption. This configuration offers the optimal SWaP configuration for the user’s application.

The AcroPack product line updates Acromag’s Industry Pack I/O modules with a PCIe interface format. This tech-refresh design offers a compact size, low-cost I/O, the same functionality as the existing Industry Pack modules and a rugged form factor. Designed for COTS applications these FPGA based digital I/O modules deliver user-customizable I/O, high-density, high-reliability, and high-performance at a low cost.

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Acromag partners with ECRIN to offer extremely small mission computer

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