IEI: Medical Box PC to provide smart healthcare for operating rooms

As the elderly population increases, the medical industry also enters the era of information operations. Using electronic devices to deliver, store, and capture the clinical data has become a trend. For this reason, IEI develops a high quality and reliable medical communication system, the HTB-100-HM170 medical grade embedded system, to meet a strict medical, safety and EMC testing that complies with ISO13485, IEC 60601-1(V3.1) and IEC 60601-1-2(V4.0) standards. It can provide high performance and bring many benefits for smart healthcare. Multiple expansions allow costs reduction and functionality enhancement, making medical staffs to work more conveniently and eliminating human errors.

TheHTB-100-HM170 is equipped with a waterproof top cover in order to prevent any damage from cleaning or liquid, which may indirectly affect patients, and it is designed with fanless operation to reduce noise. The cable cover protects the HTB-100-HM170 from dust and liquid ingress, and allows the medical staff to easily manage all the cables from the I/O ports, making the cleaning process more convenient in medical environment. In addition, the HTB-100-HM170 supports isolated COM ports and flexible expansion so that a video capture card can be installed for medical image inspection. The isolated ports can also increase safety on devices designed for medical environment, and provide comprehensive protection against electrical surges for patients and medical staffs.

Various mounting methods such as desktop and wall mount are supported for easy use in medical environment. The provided flexible mounting bracket can be oriented 180 degrees to change from desktop to wall mount. The perfect grounding pin design can prevent the HTB-100-HM170 from generating static charge to vital devices that connect to patients, and avoid current damage from other devices.

The HTB-100-HM170 is designed to be used in hospital environment - such as ICU, operating room or emergency room - to fulfil various surgical requirements. The intelligent HTB-100-HM170 medical computing system will meet all demands from the medical applications.

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