exceet: wearables and solutions for patient monitoring at Compamed

The international technology group exceet is on location at this year’s Compamed in Düsseldorf to present electronic solutions for state-of-the-art medical devices. Based on client examples, exceet’s specialists will show how high-grade wearables and devices can be used as medical products that make the user’s life easier. As innovation partner with long-standing experience, exceet supports customers along the entire value chain.

Acting as an all-round solution provider, exceet works closely with its customers to develop and manufacture innovative medical devices, body wearables and portables, and to ensure secure connectivity for these products. With expertise from across the company group, client-side requirements are efficiently and reliably implemented at our modern production facilities. This one-stop-service approach benefits our customers particularly in terms of quality, but also in rapid product rollout and market introduction. exceet offers special expertise in the fields of miniaturization, micro-optics and sensor technology, as well as data transmission and security.

In healthcare and medical technology, wearable electronic devices offer a wide range of uses and ever broader potential. Under everyday conditions and with no undue loss of comfort, these devices record vital parameters, analyze them and make them available to medical personnel for diagnosis – no matter whether the patient is at home or at a medical or therapeutic facility. exceet has broad experience in this field, both in development and production of such devices and in ensuring secure connectivity.

The reliability of the applications is our utmost priority. Our certifications, e.g. under ISO 13485, but also additional voluntary quality assurance reviews as well as processes and procedures audited by our clients, all guarantee that these medical products undergo meticulous quality testing before delivery to the end customer.      

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