Winbond: TrustME secure flash memory aligned with platform security architecture from Arm

Winbond Electronics  announced an expansion of its TrustME Secure Flash products portfolio aligned with Platform Security Architecture (PSA) from Arm. As the industry’s first Common Criteria EAL5+ certified secure Non-Volatile Memory, now with support for PSA, the TrustME W75F Secure Flash enables SoC and MCU vendors to design highly secure and certifiable solutions for the Internet of Things, mobile, artificial intelligence and other demanding security applications. The foundational security principles of PSA combined with Winbond’s TrustME memory, provide a complete solution for secure hardware designs, trusted boot, firmware confidentiality and integrity, trusted factory initialization of devices and secured firmware updates.

With Winbond’s TrustME W75F technology, SoC and MCU designers can utilize any manufacturing process and connect to any Secure Flash density without being restricted to manufacturing only in process nodes capable of embedding flash memory cells. System designers can develop systems that are highly secure and scalable, in addition to being power-efficient and cost-effective.

Furthermore, Winbond’s expansion of TrustME W75F Secure Flash with PSA support enables secure execute-in-place (XIP) to ensure inherent root of trust, create mutual authentication with IoT cloud services, and securely store various keys, credentials, and certificates. The EAL5+ certified W75F Secure Flash provides protection against physical hacking attacks such as rollback, replay, man-in-the-middle, power analysis, and eavesdropping. Compared to conventional flash devices storing encrypted software, the secure XIP functionality of TrustME W75F Secure Flash eliminates the need for software shadowing and decrypting to additional RAM, thus achieving higher system level performance. The first product in the family, the W75F32 at 32Mb density is in production and available for samples.

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