Lanner: high-end storage platform for enterprise and telecom

Lanner’s FX-3230 is a 2U rackmount network appliance built with Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family (Skylake-SP) and Intel C621/C627 chipset. Cloud-based storage is an increasing necessity for today’s businesses and telecommunications needs, and the FX-3230 is a secure, high-performance and high-capacity storage gateway appliance that meets such demand. The FX-3230 can be configured with up to 384GB of DDR4 2666 MHz REG DIMM system memory. For storage, it is equipped with 4x 3.5” swappable HDD bays, two of which support NVME SSD and 1x onboard mSATA slot; and for networking, it comes with either 4x GbE RJ45 or 4x 10G SFP+. There are 4x NIC module slots for customizable/flexible I/O options, 1x RJ45 & 1x mini USB consoles, 1x IPMI for remote management/configuration and Intel QuickAssist Technology for cryptographic workloads acceleration/compression.

Lanner’s cloud storage platforms are high-performance appliances ideal for today’s telecommunication and data center deployment scenarios, offering specs such as sizeable storage and high-end network processing capabilities for cloud computing, storage gateway, video infrastructure and cyber intelligence.

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