Ikalogic: ScanaQuad analyses and debugs your serial communication protocol

Ikalogic is providing 4 channel logic analyzers (ScanaQuad series) that perfectly fit serial protocols debugging and diagnostic purposes (like I2C, SPI, RS232, CAN or 1-Wire). Intuitive ScanaStudio software runs on all major platforms (Win/Mac/Linux) and lets you perform in depth analysis on captured logic signals.

ScanaStudio software lets you modify existing protocol scripts or write your own proprietary decoder. This can be done via an integrated IDE using (Java) scripts. This allows you to extend the features of the 30+ existing protocols library, or build your own. While Ikalogic is actively working on new software updates as well as new products, they have set up a strong support infrastructure on their website, including a forum where customers can quickly seek guidance from the community.

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Ikalogic: ScanaQuad analyses and debugs your serial communication protocol

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