SECO becomes platinum member of Wind River Partner Program

SECO announce a new collaboration with Wind River as a Platinum Member Partner. The joint effort follows the path of research and innovation the two companies are pursuing in order to deliver the highest quality products to the broadest range of customers worldwide.

The mission of this initiative is to align the product and technology roadmaps of the two companies with the validated combination of SECO and Wind River solutions that provide unique value to customers. As a Platinum Member of the Wind River Partner Program, SECO will benefit from Wind River's scalable platform and technology, currently deployed on more than 2 billion devices worldwide, not to mention the many benefits in terms of joint sales and marketing activities and technical validation.

The collaboration extends SECO’s recent work with Wind River’s IoT Design Center to demonstrate smart edge compute solutions powered by Wind River Linux and Wind River Helix Device Cloud to allow automatic updates to the operating system and patch management with large-scale deployment.

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