SECO makes your business IoT-ready in three easy steps

SECO has put everything in place to showcase the latest additions to its product range to the tens of thousands of expected visitors at embedded world. In addition to its vast array of products and services, SECO will be presenting its IoT-oriented service that aims to convert any business in an IoT-ready business in three easy steps, delivering on the promises of the Industry 4.0 and helping the business unleash its potential, in terms of both process optimization and monetization.

Step 1: connecting the business' machine with SECO smart gateways

Thanks to SECO's smart gateways, it is possible to provide the customer's factory with new sensors, and ultimately turn the factory into a Smart Factory. This is made possible by the powerful and flexible CPUs (ARM and x86), full connectivity (2G/3G/LTE, LAN, Wi-Fi, BT) and, most importantly, by rapid integration with sensors and PLCs. By adopting this architecture, the customer's business can take advantage from machine learning on the edge, with data processing taking place directly on board, without the need for cumbersome client-server communication for data analysis.

Step 2: setup of the devices with the Device Manager Web Platform

Once the customer's business has been equipped with SECO's smart gateways, the whole system can exploit the data analysis that takes place on the edge. This happens both automatically, through routines implemented by machine learning algorithms, as well as by human intervention. Through the Device Manager Web Platform, also accessible via mobile, the customer can indeed control and configure devices, manage sensors, actuators and the operating system, not to mention software updates and API requests. For the customer, this means that his product is always updated thanks to the possibility of further expanding its potential with over-the-air software releases by SECO - something which greatly extends the lifetime of the product itself. This, combined with smooth integration with CRM, Analytics and ERP, boosts the business' efficiency to the highest degree. As the cherry on the cake, the customer can benefit from the insights of machine learning algorithms in the form of predictive maintenance. In other words, through extensive analysis of the data coming from the sensors deployed in the factory in phase 1, the system can extrapolate the lifetime of the product and anticipate anomalies before they happen. This not only reduces the downtime of machineries, but also decreases the costs of running the business.

Step 3: monetizing data with value added services

Thanks to all this, the factory becomes smart, with relevant consequences in terms of monetization. The main result is the opportunity for the business of entering the aftersales market, providing value-added services to its customers. This is made possible not only because of the optimized process, but also the faster time to market, enabled by increased productivity and the reduced downtime that the business achieves with the new insights coming from machine learning-driven data analysis. Among these new monetization opportunities are consumables management and, most importantly, the service of predictive maintenance that the business is now able to deliver to its customers. All in all, the business is finally capable of enhancing the customer experience and profits out of it, opening new, untapped revenue streams.

With a much larger stand than in previous years, in addition to its complete solutions for the industrial domain and IoT, for the very first time SECO will also host the UDOO product line and applications for makers, educators and IoT designers.

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