Win a hybrid energy storage capacitor based Mini-Charger Kit

Mouser Electronics, a worldwide leading authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, is giving away ten Mini-Charger Kits in co-operation with Vishay. The MAL219699003E3 is a fully transparent charger unit. The charged energy is buffered in a capacitor and can be used for backup power. It provides a constant output voltage with very high efficiency.

AAEON: 4-inch motherboard built for speed

AAEON launches the EPIC-KBS9, the world’s only 4” SBC built to accommodate 65W Intel Core i socket-type processors. Fitted with these incredibly powerful CPUs, the board is ideal for data ...

Lanner: rugged rolling stock surveillance NVR

Lanner Electronics launched the R6S rugged, fanless vehicle surveillance NVR. R6S is designed for public transit Wi-Fi, video surveillance, recording and facial recognition. R6S, being the robust vehi...

Acceed: mobile video controller for 8 PoE cameras

Controllers for video monitoring and further vision applications for installation in vehicles must be particularly robust, vibration-free and impact-resistant and designed for direct connection to the...

Establishing a root of trust to secure the IoT

This white paper explains the basic principles of security in a connected world and how a root of trust helps protect the IoT. It presents the threat in terms that are easily understood and describes how embedded developers can secure their IoT devices through solutions available today.

DDC: SBC chosen by NRL for DARPA robotic mission

Data Device Corporation announces that the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), developer of the robotic servicing payload for RSGS, has chosen DDC’s SCS750 Single Board Computer for use on the...

ADLINK honoured Edge Computing Company of the Year

ADLINK Technology has been named Edge Computing Company of the Year in the sixth annual Compass Intelligence awards. The awards honour the top companies, products, and technology solutions in mobile, ...

EKF: long life, high airflow board mount fan unit

Your system keeps cold with the SRF-FAN, a board mount fan unit housed on a CompactPCI Serial peripheral card. Suitable for demanding applications, the SRF-FAN can be inserted into the adjacent backpl...

Lanner: rugged vehicle surveillance NVR

Lanner Electronics launched the V6S, a next-generation rugged, fanless vehicle surveillance NVR, designed for public transit video surveillance, recording and analytics. V6S, being the robust vehicle ...

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