Apacer Technology Inc. was created in 1997 in Taiwan and operates since then as a global leader offering the highest of quality products to satiate the rigorous demands for reliable storage. Apacer Technology provides the most innovative Solid State Drive Solutions (SATA, PATA, Flash Cards & USB SDD) and DRAM Solutions (Desktop, Notebook, Server and Brand Specific) for the industrial and embedded markets.

Our Industrial SSD Line offers a range of different specifications for size, angle, thickness and functions as capacities with strong performance, wide temperature support and shock- and vibration resistance to meet the requirements  - amongst others - for the military, the aerospace, the networking and the medical industries, which require enhanced attributes for environmental disruptions.

All our SSD Solutions undergo extensive reliability testing (temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, etc.) and ORT (on-going reliability testing) to guarantee high performance and longevity.

Apacer is the fifth largest independent DRAM Module supplier with a global sales and marketing network to support distributors, OEMs and retail customers. Apacer’s DRAM Module technology development is focused on vertically integrating know-how in the semiconductor industry and uses the most reliable components. Our Memory Modules undergo harsh environment tests, motherboard live tests, EVT (Environment Verification Testing) to deliver optimum performance, stability and compatibility.

Our Strengths

  • Wide portfolio of SSD and DRAM Solutions to match the market needs
  • Highly-qualitative, innovative and reliable storage solutions
  • Regularly updated product portfolio and roadmap; EOL notification; PCN; Last Buy
  • Fast response and short lead time delivery
  • Sustainable support and product training
  • Competitive Prices

Product Range


Industrial SSD Solutions

Industrial DRAM Solutions

Science Park Eindhoven 5051
5692 EB Son
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 40 267 0000
Fax: +31 40 290 0686

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