HCC has a unique position in the microcontroller market as a company almost exclusively focused on the development of embedded middleware with no dependence on a proprietary operating system. Specializing in middleware for USB, TCP/IP and Flash storage, the company has become a leader in high value, reusable software components.

HCC have invested millions of dollars to create embedded communications and storage software components that are truly portable. These components can be supplied integrated with our verifiable RTOS, eTaskSync, or integrated with almost any embedded RTOS. We have seamless abstractions for more than 30 operating systems including FreeRTOS & many more - we even support ‘no-RTOS’, super-loops & proprietary scheduling mechanisms.

HCC eTaskSync is a small priority based scheduler that is designed to be deterministic and highly efficient. It is developed using a strong software process and is provided with rigorous documentation to verify its operation. It can be configured to run using as little as 2kB ROM and 100 bytes of RAM in small systems.  It is supplied with the following verification which can be used as certification evidence in some industries

  • Rigorously compliant with MISRA-C:2004
  • Complete MC-DC analysis
  • 100% statement coverage
  • 100% object code coverage

Flash File Systems
Advanced flash storage with true fail-safety & high performance for all flash types including NAND, NOR, eMMC etc. HCC are leading experts in flash technology. We have a range of file systems and flash translation layers (FTL) to support any use-case. From the simplest pen drive to the most complex NAND, NOR or SSD, we have fail-safe solutions that will make your product more stable, reliable & efficient. Put reliable flash storage at the heart of your system design.

Smart-meter File System
General-purpose file systems used in metering applications have difficulty in guaranteeing correctness of data and the file system itself in the event of unexpected power loss or reset. Additionally they do not make efficient use of the flash and can become more expensive to manufacture than required. HCC has developed a specialized metering file system that can result in smaller flash, lower manufacturing cost and more reliable operation. This is achieved by designing software which precisely meets the needs of metering applications and reducing the number of read/write/erase operations by an order of magnitude. The system is supplied with a flash simulation which can optimize the flash requirements and help ensure 15-20 years correct operation.

IPv4 & IPv6 Networking
HCC’s TCP/IP stack was developed as a ‘clean’ stack with no third-party content to ensure a strong focus on quality and performance.  Developed using rigorous MISRA compliance and validated using advanced verification tools, it is fast and extremely efficiency.  With the benefit of more than a decade’s experience developing efficient, high-quality software the stack brings new levels of performance, verifiable quality and reliability to the embedded networking market. HCC networking stack provides a significant range of protocols as well as support for both IPv4 and IPv6, providing flexibility and long-term network compatibility.

TLS/SSL Security & Encryption
There have been many high profile security breaches such as Heartbleed, but few of these problems are caused by hacks to the security algorithms. Many are caused by poor software and lack of a strong development process. HCC have applied expertise normally used to develop functional safety applications and applied it to network security. The result is a robust TLS/SSL and Encryption suite which is delivered with a full verification suite to provide a high level of confidence in the correctness of the software and the methods used to develop it.  

Advanced Embedded USB
High quality USB suite supports common functions like HID, Hub and Mass Storage as well as more sophisticated requirements including Isochronous, Composite Devices, and interfaces to File Systems and Ethernet. Extensive range of class drivers, including all CDC classes and the ability to seamlessly ‘drop-in’ to any RTOS.

Fail-safe Bootloaders with Encryption
HCC have an extensive library of bootloader components that can be customized to meet almost any boot scenario. All bootloaders are fully fail-safe and the system will always recover from any unexpected event in a known state. AES encryption, multiple trigger mechanisms, any flash type or transfer interface supported.

Licensing & Purchasing
All HCC reusable software components are royalty-free and distributed in source form with support and maintenance included for one year with all purchases. We deliver sample projects tailored to an environment agreed with customers to ensure the quickest possible start. Visit HCC’s website to find a sample license and to obtain the contact details of your local sales representative. Or, simply send an email to info@hcc-embedded.com and we will send all the details you require.

HCC Embedded Headquarter
1133 Budapest
Váci út 76.
Tel: +36 1 450 1302

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